Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tricksy Hesperos

Among Hesperos' birthday loot was a musical Mickey Mouse airplane ride-on toy. The propeller lights up and spins and it plays songs that no doubt sound dulcet to a child but grating to an adult. Shaped blocks can be fit through the holes on either side and the seat lifts up for easy block removal. Hesperos spent the first month terrified of it, which was fortuitous for Helios since that gave him the opportunity to pirate his brother's birthday booty and demonically chase his petrified two-year-old brother around the house.

Now, however, the tables have turned. Hesperos has gotten accustomed to Mickey the Aviator and finally has an opportunity to enjoy it now that Helios' attention has been consumed by his own birthday gifts.

In fact, Hesperos has learned to appreciate the finer points of the airplane. For example, all those Hot Wheels that Helios got for his recent birthday? Well, they fit perfectly under the airplane seat. Hesperos wrests the cars away from Helios, runs away cackling, speedily puts them under the airplane seat, sits down, and then wheels away, giggling all the way.

Take away the aristocratic background and we think Hesperos is a Red Baron in the making.

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