Monday, September 8, 2008

Blazing a Trail with Basketball

After an autumn of playing soccer (much of which was spent hiding under Daddy's arm), Helios decided he was game for another team sport and to try his hand at basketball this past spring.

Helios was in the 3-to-5-year-old class but was probably the youngest person in the group. Consequently, although he 'got' the concept of basketball (e.g. that they needed to bounce the ball and not kick it as they had in soccer), Helios playing basketball was pretty much an exercise in futility. When he had the basketball, he ran amok, terrified that the "big kids" were chasing him (they were). When the other kids had the basketball, Helios chased after them thinking it was a game of tag and forgot entirely about the ball. He never really got into the game, although he often begged to go to the gym just because it's one of those few places where a child can run around crazy without getting wet out here in the winter.

For sure, Helios' favorite part of playing basketball was the post-game treats (generally Saturday morning donuts, juice boxes, and cupcakes). At the last game, Coach Brian and Assistant Coach Daddy awarded prizes and trophies to the players. With each prize, Coach Brian shared something special about each child. For Helios, he said, "I was never too sure if Helios liked playing basketball, but I always knew that he wanted to be at the gym!" Afterward, Helios took his trophy home ... and tucked it into bed with him for nap time. Apparently they're very cuddly.

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