Thursday, September 11, 2008

End of Summer Report (or Helios Is Reading ... sorta)

At the start of the summer, the boys and Mommy started with a couple of goals:
  1. Hesperos should be potty-trained.
  2. Helios should know how to read.

It's early September and the overnight chill makes it clear that summer is over. Hesperos is definitely not potty trained and Helios is only about 25% through his reading program. Perhaps the summertime goal should've been "Mommy should get some coaching on how to procrastinate less!"

Yet, in spite of Mommy's lackadaisical efforts, we're making headway. Hesperos' potty's lid is bedecked with stickers, testifying to his numerous successes. (We also offer stickers to visitors, particularly male, who consistently hit the target -- but no one has taken us up on it yet.) And Helios is definitely showing signs of progress.

Offered for your viewing pleasure is a 3-minute video of Helios reading. It's admittedly a tiny bit nerve-wracking to watch a barely 4-year-old sound out little words, requiring patience from all of us (yet another talent Mommy doesn't have). But he's made a lot of progress for only a month into his program.

The short story is: "A cat sat on a little rug. The cat got mud on that rug. Mom got mad at the cat."

Since our goal is for him to be reading well before he enters kindergarten, and we have a year to go still, we think he will be an accomplished little reader by then. After all, a year is long enough for even Mommy to get something done!

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Anonymous said...

The perfect movie--
very suspenseful (painstakingly), with sirons... and kitties!
And, of course, a very attractive leading man.