Thursday, October 11, 2007

We're Too Sexy for Our Shirts

Don't you ever find the press of clothing confining? Do you ever just want to let it all hang out, be uninhibited and fancy free? Maybe dance on a table every now and then? No doubt you sit there thinking, "Sure, who doesn't?!"

Clearly Helios and Hesperos feel the same way or perhaps they're starting their fledgling career as Chippendales dancers for the toddler set.

Recently, after a particularly sloppy eating process one evening at dinner, Daddy and Mommy stripped the boys of their clothes before any further mess could be made. Hesperos waddled and crept along, reveling in his nakedness and freedom from clothing. Helios is a little more exuberant, sliding on his belly across the coffee table, jumping up and down on the table, and turning around in circles singing, alternately, "I don't have my shirt on, I don't have my shirt on!" or "On Top of Spaghetti." (We're pretty sure the second song is a popular choice because Helios just learned it in pre-school, rather than an imagined similarity between toddler potbellies and meatballs.)

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