Tuesday, October 30, 2007

He's Walking!

A while back, Mommy rushed to make an appointment at a hair salon and, in her haste, stuffed a couple of Hesperos' toys into her purse which didn't make it out until a short time later. When finally seated in more-or-less relaxation, the stylist noticed the toys, correctly assumed that they weren't Mommy's personal playthings, and took the opportunity to prattle on ad infinitum about her own children. (It's of continual amusement to Mommy that people find almost any opportunity to talk about their reproductive and parenting experience as though it's something entirely new and has benefitted from some recent innovation - rather than being a process that pretty much all mammals of the Animal Kingdom share. But, who is Mommy to comment? She does, after all, author a blog specifically dedicated to her children's lives. And so, we leave this little interlude and return to our regularly scheduled program...)

Mommy, bound by good sense to not interject into this heated soliloquy while the quality of her hair style was at stake, sat in peaceful silence, listening to an exhaustive list of the stylist's children's accomplishments.

Included in this litany of milestones was the stylist's claim that both of her boys were walking fully unassisted by 8 months. Eight months?! Helios was rolling around like a dung beetle on the floor at that time, barely able to crawl -- due primarily, we think, to stubbornness since he was perfectly able to stand and climb into the dishwasher (climbing into the dishwasher being one of those strange interests my children happen to share).

Hesperos is finally trucking along at 15 months, although he's been walking with the assistance of people or stationary objects for several weeks now. And just to prove it, here's Mr. Hesperos himself, semi-live, semi-nude, and in person, walking around the foyer.

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