Saturday, October 13, 2007

Field Trip!

Last Tuesday, Helios went on his very first field trip to a preschool-sponsored pumpkin picking event at a local pumpkin patch (say this ten times fast: preschoolers pick precious pumpkins at local pumpkin patch). When he got home, he was full of stories, shared with characteristic energetic solemnity and without taking a breath (making puncuation, therefore, optional and interpretive).

"Mama I went on a field trip today and I got a pumpkin, see? For lunch teacher gave me a cheese stick at the pumpkin patch after I got my big round orange fat pumpkin. Look at the pricklies on the stem see? Oh no the prickly stem is broken. Here Mommy get scissors and fix it. Cut off the pricklies and the broken stem okay? *inhale* Kristofer [his friend] got a pumpkin, too! Tomorrow I'm going back to school but I won't be going on a field trip tomorrow. Teacher Judy said that tomorrow is just a normal school day with NOOOOOO pumpkin field trip. *inhale* This is my Halloween pumpkin Mommy because it's Halloween time. Thank you Mommy for fixing the stem. Look my pumpkin is green and brown and yellow and orange! Can I sleep with my pumpkin Mommy?"

Happy autumn!

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