Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Reader Is Born

Ah, me...what can be better than lolling about, reading a book in your spare time? Why, doing it naked and on satin, of course!

Here, Hesperos is enjoying the finer things in life pursuing his favorite activity, that being naked on his green satin Winnie-the-Pooh blanket (a birth gift from Aunt Tiffany that narrowly missed being confiscated for Mommy's bed). He particularly enjoys lying on the blanket on his back and then wiggling around to get full satiny goodness.

Hesperos presently enjoys several of Helios' once-favorite books, in this picture, Caillou: Tell Me What. What is surprising is that Hesperos for a change is not eating the book but instead flipping through the pages and flaps and looking at the images. Perhaps his normal paper-eating exuberance is being tempered by the simultaneously calming-yet-scintillating experience of cool polyester satin on chubby flesh. But, we prefer to think of this as his first entry into being a reading enthusiast like his brother and Mommy.

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