Monday, April 30, 2007

Potty Precocity?

Like most parents, we tend to be especially proud of every little accomplishment and milestone attained by both Helios and Hesperos. It is hard to not be just the tiniest bit smug when your child is potty-trained before others or can spell words or is the size of the incredible hulk. (Why is it a source of pride when your offspring is the size of Jabba the Hut? I don't know.)

But, even I must admit that it's a little strange when an infant takes to the potty. Yet, a couple of nights ago, Hesperos started to make some tell-tale sounds and turn various colors in the red family while in the bathtub. The only likely causes were either a need to perform a bodily function or having swallowed a particularly large and disgusting bug. Since no bugs were around (and since he's not so choosy right now about what goes in his mouth), we assumed the bodily function.

Thanks to Daddy's stealth maneuvers, perfected through the last 8-9 years of being around offspring, nieces, and nephews who issue forth fluid from all possible bodily orifices, Hesperos was removed from the bath with lightening speed and placed on the potty where he proceeded to "do his business" (as one of his grandmothers would say).

Hesperos' exuded glee was matched only by an equal amount of dismay on his brother's face that his little brother was using his potty. And so the fun begins...

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