Monday, April 2, 2007

The Walking Wounded

Yesterday, Helios suffered a battle wound. Regrettably, this was not the result of getting too close to a much-beloved train or even touching a fire truck. His tiny fingertip got squished in a door hinge. Naturally, he howled. Mama hugged him and told him it was okay without ever looking at his hand. When the weeping finally subsided and his hand was examined, Mama commented, "Oh, no. Does that hurt?" Predictably, that spawned a whole new bout of sniffling.

Upon further investigation, the injury appears to be limited to the entire nail of Helios' ring finger having fallen off (a fairly painful event, I'm sure). It doesn't seem that any part of his finger was damaged. His Aunt Tiffany held him while his finger was cleaned and wrapped, and even had her finger bandaged as well to show comraderie.

Helios' injury might've been the best thing to happen to him though. Not only was he endlessly cuddled and doted on by Aunt Tiffany, but he was treated to a large mixing bowl full of popcorn and allowed to watch an extra-long episode of Thomas & Friends and Caillou.

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