Saturday, March 31, 2007

Springtime and Cheap Labor

It's that time of year again when the persistent dreariness of the Pacific Northwest in the winter is broken by the occasional respite from rain and bolt of sunshine. Seeing these felicitous tidings of springtime promise spur local residents into a hubbub of landscaping activity, eager to take advantage of those moments of relative good weather by pruning back some of the swamp-like foliage that has grown over the past few weeks.

Helios got into the swing of things by helping his parents with their gardening efforts. First he helped by dumping dirt and seeds into Jiffy-Grow starter pots. If mama doesn't manage to kill the fledgling sprouts with her brown thumb, we should have some cucumber, onion, cabbage, watermelon, and cantaloupe starts pretty soon, as well as some Thumbelina flowers. But, mama's brown thumb won't be our only challenge. Helios was a little less than discriminating when he put seeds into the little pots. We're pretty sure that there are some onions co-mingling with the cabbage, and the fruit may be a new and previously unheard-of breed called "waterloupe". But, who knows? Maybe this will be Helios' claim to fame ... to have a new breed of fruit named after him. It really has been a fun learning experience for Helios though. Every day we show him the progress on the new plants, although he doesn't seem to quite get it that his beloved watermelon is in plant form right now -- he keeps asking to eat it now!

After working on the edibles, Helios helped out by trying to shovel out some of our not-so-grassy turf. Due to Helios' meager 28-pound weight, he wasn't able to pierce the ground as he would've liked. So, he compensated by having mama hold the shovel up straight, and he proceeded to jump up and down on it like it was the landscaper's version of a Pogo Stick.

Okay, so are you ready for your gardening jokes now?

Q. What do you call a stolen yam?
A. A hot potato.
Q. Why did the girl mushroom go out with the boy mushroom?
A. Because he was such a fun-gi.
Q. What do you call two young married spiders?
A. Newly webs.

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