Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Love Pillows

Generally, when we take weekend trips involving a hotel, we get a room with two queen beds, figuring that each parent can share a bed with a child. This was really more of a necessity when the boys were younger because it helped ensure they would be less likely to roll out of bed and we don't tend to trust hotel rental cribs. It's minimal inconvenience to us. After all, they're small and the beds are large. It's just for a couple nights, and really no biggie.

However, now they're older and that's less likely to happen. And we're beginning to think that it's time that the boys sleep with each other. For one thing, we don't want them to get used to sleeping with Mommy or Daddy.

For another, we're tired of trying to catch our zzzz's with Mr. Bed Hog and his brother Mr. Bed Piglet who enjoy lolling amongst pillowed splendor in what has become their queen-sized beds.

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