Monday, July 21, 2008

The Crowd Goes Wild for Hesperos' Debut Singing Performance

For Christmas, Santa Claus brought Hesperos a cat electronic piano with keys for teeth, making it appear that the cat is grinning in creepy Cheshire style. It not only has a two-octave range, but it has several stored songs and background instrumentals. Have you ever wanted to hear "Mary Had a Little Lamb" as sung by a cat? How about as sung by a meowing cat? Wait, now...just wait... Have you ever wanted to hear "Mary Had a Little Lamb" as sung by a meowing cat pitched four octaves below its normal 'singing' voice? Well, with this toy, you can! Not only does the musically-inclined child have control over which motley assortment of 18 songs it can play, but the child can listen to the song with either words or "meow, meow, meow" at every note. If that weren't enough, the pace of the song can be increased or decreased with the resulting change in pitch. Have you ever wondered what Satan's cat sounds like singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb?" Come over to our home for your chance!

The cat keyboard also comes with a microphone, allowing for baby-style karaoke. It is conveniently shaped like an ice cream cone, which encourages Hesperos to occasionally lick it, but more often shove it in his mouth while singing. We wonder if Steve Tyler or Mick Jagger started out this way.

Without further ado, we bring to you, direct from our home, Hesperos singing his own lyrics to the cat keyboard version of La Cucaracha.

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