Sunday, July 1, 2007

Summer Splashing

Today was one of those fleeting and all-too-rare beautifully summer days in the Pacific Northwest where the temperature is just right and the sun is a glowing orb in the sky. What better way to enjoy it than with a kiddie pool?

Helios picked out the pool (color choices were blue and purple) and we carried it around the store to Hesperos' delight (apparently it's very tasty). Once we got it home, Helios yammered non-stop, "pool, Mommy, pool. We need to put water in the pool!" With all appropriate haste, clothes were shed, sunscreen was slathered, and swimming trunks were donned.

The pool was filled with very un-summery cold water, which deterred the boys not one whit as they splashed and giggled. (As shown in the video below, Helios doesn't quite get the gist of swimming pants which are supposed to get wet; he kept demanding to take them off and get dry pants.)

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