Friday, July 20, 2007

One Isn't a Lonely Number Here!

July marks Hesperos' first birthday, and yes, the time really does fly! It really doesn't seem like it was that long ago he was the tiny, little six-pound swaddled bundle we brought home from the hospital. Yet, it simultaneously feels like he has always been the size and age that he is now. That must be how it is with time -- it all proceeds so gradually that one is never aware of changes until looking back over a large chunk of time.

Hesperos was thrilled to have for his birthday a special visitor. No, not a clown or magician, although she is capable of making people laugh, doing some tricks, and there may be some unusually large red shoes in her closet. Daddy Jane made an appearance for the entire week, ostensibly to celebrate the boys' birthdays, but we really suspect it was because she didn't have anyone else to play trains with. (The quilt show 150 miles away might've been small incentive, too.)

To celebrate Hesperos' first of many, we had a very low-key celebration with Daddy Jane that consisting of opening gifts, eating wrapping paper, and then visiting the local theatre to see Ratatouille. Let me tell you, after a dinner of milk, sweet potatoes, apple-raspberry sauce, and coated wrapping paper, little rat Chef Remy had absolutely nothing to offer Hesperos in terms of dining excitement.

Hesperos received some tasty books from his Uncle Scooter and uncle's girlfriend, Mavis, which have been enjoyed greatly by both children. Daddy Jane and Grandpa Mel, and Mommy and Daddy tried to give Hesperos the experience of having his own trains to play with by giving him a pint-sized zoo train. It was a great idea in concept, but probably all in vain since the train was rapidly confiscated by big brother Helios who insisted that he was "just checking it to make sure it works!" (Uh-hunh.)

In a couple of weeks, there'll be a real birthday party to prolong the fun and to celebrate with the rest of the family on a non-weeknight. In the meanwhile, Hesperos can continue to munch like the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Grouchy Ladybug (two of the books he received) while he waits for Helios the Train Inspector to conclude his investigation and hand over the goods for some playtime fun.

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