Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Life from Helios' POV

Obviously, Mommy and Daddy have taken it upon themselves to document the boys' lives through photographs. Not only does this make the memories last longer, but it increases the probability that we'll have real and significant blackmail material when they become famous later on. (Hey, don't be critical about this approach! Have you checked the state of Social Security recently or the stock market? We need to ensure our retirement comfort some how and blackmail may be the ticket!)

Helios, imitating Mommy and Daddy, has become quite a photography fiend himself. There's a children's play camera (with a creepy Chucky-like laugh) at Grandma Jane's that Helios played with during his summer visit...and loved. He loved it so much that about three months ago, when he remembered it, he got on the phone and asked her to send it to him (she did) and then proceeded to ask for it 6-10 times a day afterward until it got here. ("Daddy, when is Grandma Jane sending my camera?" "Mommy, where's my camera?" "Why don't I have a camera!!!?!!!")

But, Helios is now a couple of months older now and his photographic tastes have matured. While he still likes the play camera, he often hops up and down begging to play with the "real camera," specifically Daddy's. While we're understandably hesitant to allow him to touch and play with something so expensive (not to mention something so indispensable to our plan for retirement prosperity), occasionally we let him take a photo or two. This may make you wonder, "what does life look like from Helios' point of view? What does Helios feel is important to photograph?" Maybe you're even wondering, "how good is Helios as a photographer?"

All very important questions, which is why we're providing you with this exclusive opportunity to view some of Helios' fine photographic work, including a very rare picture of Mommy (let me assure you, it is very rare to find a picture of Mommy...especially one of Mommy about 10 minutes after having been at the gym), shown at left.

Also provided here is a photo Helios took of Hesperos (shown above), and a snapshot of the "nummy-nummy" (with belly pats) seasonal best candy canes (also above).

Finally, last but not least, we provide to you an example of some of Helios' finest interpretative work called "What My Belly Would See If It Could See and Looked Up at My Face." At right you will see Helios' self-photograph...although perhaps not from the best vantage point (digitally edited to ensure nothing unsightly was visible in the nose area).

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