Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Carol of the Drums

'Twas two days before Christmas when all through the house, two little boys were napping, allowing Mommy and Daddy the opportunity to clean up the garage, including moving the fabled drum set to a less conspicuous location.

Unfortunately, all our sneakiness was for naught. Daddy got distracted by some shiny things and some perceived inadequacy of our garage door, so he started working on that, creating a ruckus that awakened the boys from their mid-day slumber. We heard a few "pad pad pad pad" sounds, with increasing speed as little feet made it down the stairs. The door to the garage swung open with a gust of air and Helios, sleepy eye dust barely rubbed out of his eyes, ran in with his "DRUM SET!" war cry.

Quiet time no more, Helios sat down to work on his rendition of "Jingle Bells" using drums and cymbals as his only musical backup...and this time, caught on video!

A little later, Hesperos was able to get into the action, too, with a couple of well-placed thwacks when his brother wasn't looking.

(Postscript: The drum set was listed on this weekend. Two prospective buyers have already contacted us. Here's hoping!)

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