Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No, It's Not Really Helios and Hesperos

Every once in a while I have someone who is just now turning their dial to 99.9 Baby Blog FM and, after reading a few posts, invariably e-mails something like this:

"What do Helios and Hesperos mean?" (curiosity thinly veiling their abject horror that my children are named something so dreadful)

"You named your kids what?!?!" (not so thinly veiled disbelief)

"So, are those family names?" (polite inquiry, often also coupled with a question like "are they Spanish/Latin names"?)

Rest assured, faithful reader or random passer-by, Helios and Hesperos are not their real names. This was mentioned in the very first blog post, but there's no reason for you to have read that.

In fact, almost no one's name is real. Helios and Hesperos have Greek significance: Helios was the god of sun and Hesperos was the brightest star in the heavens. For everyone else quasi-named here, the names have no such lofty intent. Pseudonyms simply have the same gender affiliation and number of characters as the person's real name.

The only real names here are Mommy and Daddy. :)

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