Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Weekend Getaway: Day 2

Day two of our weekend adventure dawned promisingly. After doping Helios up with some Benadryl and watching his sesame-affected Angelina Jolie-like lips drop down to a more natural thickness, we finally got some shut-eye and were ready to begin the day with a morning spent at the Farmers' Market and quality time with Grandma Joan, Grandpa Wil, and Aunt Elspeth.

After hiking hither and yon around the "downtown" area (downtown is in quotes because it's very difficult to call an area downtown when it has only 40,000 metropolitan-area residents), we took a pause at the riverside park where Helios took several turns on the vintage-but-restored carousel. Hesperos chilled during all this excitement by spending some quality time with Aunt Elspeth, who appeared to have been pumping iron just to prepare her for the experience of lifting him (Hesperos being approximately 20% of Aunt Elspeth's weight).

(In case anyone was wondering, yes, Aunt Elspeth is an adult and one even legally able to drink, at that. She just looks like she's an ungainly tall 10 years old.)

Following our city escapades, it was time to go out to Grandma Joan's and Grandpa Wil's farm where we lounged about for the rest of the day. Helios was taken on a lordly tour of the homestead in the red wagon chariot furnished (and pulled) by Grandma Joan. Afterward, he imagined Grandma's and Grandpa's in-kitchen grill into a race track (of course) and, while being held aloft by Aunt Elspeth, made his borrowed cars vroom, vroom, vroom all over the place. Meanwhile, Hesperos apparently felt that he was being neglected and not fed enough, causing him to hide underneath his cousin's worktable and munch on soggy dog food. He was so quiet doing it, we probably wouldn't have even noticed him chomping away until he eventually shouted his anger at hitting his head on the underside of the table.

The evening concluded a little on the early side, not too long after Mommy "whupped" Daddy and Grandma Joan at a game of Scrabble (okay, "malitude" wasn't a word but "organza" was!). It was time to head back to the hotel and hit the sack, because the agenda for the next morning was to scurry back home. Bye-bye, Grandma and Grandpa -- see you in a few months!

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