Sunday, February 25, 2007

Warm and Cuddly

Several months ago, Helios watched a Thomas & Friends story about Gordon the express engine who, when going too fast, crashed into some oil barrels. Since then, Helios has re-created that scene endlessly with toy trains, pieces of fruit leather, and glasses filled with water. Inevitably, he yells out, "don't crash, [train/fruit leather/water/etc.]! Be careful! Don't crash!" And then, of course, the crash occurs resulting in general disarray and the occasional reprimand from a parental unit.

Tonight, Helios wore for the first time his "footed" pajama set, a gift from his northeastern aunt and uncle. They're still a little too long for him, requiring him to walk around pulling the fabric up at the thigh as the feet trailed a little after him. In the same pleading voice he uses when engineering crashing disasters, he yelled out, "Don't fall off, pajamas! Be careful! Don't fall off my feet!"

In the end, he was able to caper around quite well, longish feet notwithstanding. After his efforts (and due to the late evening we had), he was a tired little guy. Here he is cuddled up with his stuffed frog (like Hesperos' monkey, a gift from his cousin from her Build-a-Bear birthday party) waiting to be taken to bed.

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